Want direct access to new clients for your business?

How about tempting past clients back to spend more money?

And all this without having to learn any new technology or do any of the work?

Check out the video now to see how profitable this could be for YOUR business!

Finally a Done and Run-For-You system that works!

“Effortless List Growth” will allow you to increase your business’ visibility, traffic, and income on a steady and ongoing basis. Just like the restaurant example in the video, as more people signup and share your monthly contest, more people get to know you, hear from you, and start buying from you. And the best part is, you don’t have to learn it – it’s done for you! Fully managed and operated – you just decide what your giveaway is and we do all the rest!!

So why list growth?

It’s been said over and over, “The money is in the list”. And it’s true! With a solid email list of people interested in your products or services, you can build a relationship with them by communicating regularly to let them know you have what they want and then entice them back to buy from you (again and again).

Let’s say in Effective List Growth you grow a list of 1,000. If even a mere 3% make a purchase with you, that’s 30 new customers. Now multiply 30 with your average sale amount. Even if that’s just $50 each, that’s $1,500!! Each month more people are added to your list, so even a conservative response of 3% continues to increase, month after month. Imagine if 5% or more showed up each month – or even each week! If you sell products or services that people purchase over and over again, many new clients will become “regulars”, converting that first purchase into recurring purchases!

And the best part? We do all the hard work for you! You don’t have to touch ANY of the tech! Just sit back, relax, and watch your business grow!

Businesses pay $1,000’s for this kind of viral marketing each month…

…but you can get started with Effortless List Growth today for just $199 + $250 startup fee!! Keep scrolling to check out the pricing table and EVERYTHING that’s included in this incredible marketing system.

So how does this system work?
Step 1:

Make An Offer They’ll LOVE

First you’ll tell us what prize to offer from your products or services – something your ideal clients would LOVE. From that, we’ll build you a stellar prize signup page. We then share this page online to ensure thousands of people in your area/market see it and can sign up – giving YOU their name and email addresses.

Step 2:

Make ’em Beg To Share It!

Once they’ve entered their name and email address, they’ll be taken to a second contest page – with an opportunity for them to get a bunch more entries into the drawing to win.

How do they get those additional entries?  Why, by telling all their friends and family about this contest, sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, everywhere they can.

Step 3:

Watch Your List Grow!!!

It is not unusual for one viral contest like this to build a list of 300, 500, or even +1,000 people! But we’ll run these month after month, continuing to invite more and more people to sign up to your list and share it with others.

After the first month, we’ll start sending your list a monthly email letting them know about your new specials, events, and offerings, leading to more and more new and ongoing traffic and income at your door!

What do I have to do?

So if you sign up at HALF PRICE right now, here’s the line-up of what will happen:

1) Strategy Call:
You’ll receive an email with a link to schedule your one-on-one Strategy Call. On this call, we’re going to get clear on the absolute best prizes from your offerings to make your contests SUPER VIRAL each month.

2) Pick Your First Prize:
After our call, you’ll get an email with a short form to fill out – giving me the specifics about your first contest.

3) Approve the Contest Page:
A few days later, you’ll get the link to your first prize drawing page for approval. Once you give the thumbs up, we send it out to the world and watch your list start to grow!

4) Submit one form each month:
Each month following, you’ll get an email with a simple form to let me know the details of your next contest and what hot stuff is happening in your business that I can pass along to your growing list in your beautiful monthly newsletter!

5) Watch your new clients roll in!
We manage the contests, the list, the systems, the newsletters, everything!

Tell me more…

So What’s Under The Hood?

With this revolutionary, Done and Run-For-You system, not only are your viral contests set up for you each month, but your entire email list is maintained and nurtured with a monthly newsletter – and remember, even a 2-3% response could lead to an amazing increase in sales!

And the best part? You don’t have to touch a thing!
All the technology and work is done for you, month after month.

Your Viral Contest System

Each month, you tell us what your free prize offering is. Then we do all the work to create a beautiful contest every month to keep growing your list. We’ll work with you to spread the word. Then more and more ideal clients will join the ranks of people who want to hear from you and buy your products or services.

Your Personalized Contest Website

A domain name customized for your business will be used so each month you can use the same URL everywhere. This way your contest link can be printed on business cards, fliers, and shared everywhere without needing to be changed each month with each new contest.

Your Monthly Email Marketing

We’ll maintain the full system with your ever-growing list of email addresses. We’ll also continue to nurture that list, sending them a monthly email inviting them to enjoy your new specials, attend your events, and keep coming back for more! Then we monitor what’s most effective and report back to you with new ideas!
Why do I need a list anyway?
A list, specifically made up of people who are interested in your products or services AND who are in your target market (local or online), is invaluable. It is widely understood that an email list full of ideal clients is truly “where the money is”. With this list, you have direct access to each person (via their inbox) to build a relationship with them and repeatedly entice them to purchase your products or services instead of your competitors.
How fast will my list grow?
It is not unusual for a viral contest to build a list of 300, 500, or even over 1,000 people. While these results are not uncommon, due to many variables and  circumstances outside of our control, I cannot guarantee any specific results or numbers for your list growth. Just know that this same viral system, in some cases, has been SO effective that businesses have grown lists over 100,000 – pushing their profits into 6 and 7 figures rapidly.
What do I do now that I have a list?
There is no point in building a large email list of your current and potential clients if you’re not going to keep in touch with them. So in our Done-For-You system, we will create and send out an email to your list on your behalf each month. This monthly email will have enticing offers to get people excited to get back to doing business with you.
What do you send in my newsletters?
I will design an attractive, custom newsletter template using your company logo, branding, and colors. Then you will let me know each month what you’d like included in your newsletter, since you know what’s happening in your business better than anyone. As an example, your newsletter could include details of special events, new products or other news, and offers to attract customers in during your quieter times.
How does pricing work?
A monthly subscription of $199 gets you the entire done-for-you Effortless List Growth system, covering the cost of a list of up to 1,000 people. When your list grows above that figure (becoming even more profitable to you), your monthly cost will increase by $50 for every additional 1,000 people on your list. For example, for a list of 0-1,000 people is $199, for 1,001-2,000 is $249, and so forth.
What if I want to cancel?
There is no long-term contract or commitment required at this time. We will be working hard on our end to ensure that your email list is constantly growing and increasingly profitable for you. However, should you decide to cancel at any time, you may do so and the list we have built will be exported into a .csv file for you to keep and use as you wish.

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